Training Days

With two weeks to go until my one and only triathlon of the year it was time for a day trip to Squamish to swim, ride and run the course. Given the recent heatwave that BC has been encountering it was no surprise to hear that wetsuits will more than likely not be allowed, as a result I decided to take the plunge ‘sans’ wetsuit and I think they could be right as damn the water was warm. A thin layer of pollen made for some interesting breathing as I set off for a loop of the lake while trying to avoid the kayaks and standup paddle boards.

On hitting the bike I also hit a brutal headwind, gotta love riding in Squamish. Felt fun to be riding somewhere different although not knowing where the holes and cracks in the road are made for a bumpy ride that was abruptly brought to a halt with a bang and the sound of air rushing out of my rear tire.

After replacing my tube and finishing off the remaining kilometres I quickly swapped my bike shoes for my runners and hit the trails. Overall everything felt pretty good but thankfully I still have 14 more days to hit the pool, the highway and the pavement to make sure I’m ready to race my ass off.


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